TM Streamyx and phone down Port Dickson area

June 24th, 2010 | by Sean |

Sometime between 10:30 and 10:45am, still down at time of writing (10:55). I’m just going out for a short walk. Not like Captain Oates – I’m getting used to Malaysian Internet access now – just to see my friends at the local switchbox.

Update – 11:15 how disappointing, there’s not a single technician at the switchbox at all. All the usual faces were there the last few times. We go through the same charade each time – they see me, I do ‘palms to sky’, and they all laugh: “It’s lidat wan!”.

We just tried phoning the last few technicians who left us their handphone numbers but the two that have answered so far are no longer working for TM. Hey! One guy asks us to SMS him our landline number. That’s refreshingly sensible. We’ll do that and then join the long queue at 1300 88 9515.

Update – 11:25 Novel. 1300 88 9515 rings about 20 times before ‘answering’ with 3 short electronic-sounding chimes and then drops the line.

Update – 11:35 No announcements on Streamyx / TM websites. If the service wasn’t depressingly bad enough, their use of information technology is woeful. Last update for a while – the DiGi EDGE adapter is going out to work, and not with me. I have to be honest and mention that DiGi’s network was down for a few hours a couple of days ago, but it was scheduled maintenance that I knew about from an announcement on their website.

Update – 16:28 Phone and Streamyx back on. The time is accurate because I left the phone on my desk off the hook all day. A few seconds after they reconnect the line, the handset makes a loud warning noise!

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