Muslims in niqab / burqa smile for the camera no eyes visible

July 10th, 2013 | by Sean |

Someone forwarded me a photo of Muslims in burqa / niqab today by email with a comment about “incongruity”. Here it is:


I wasn’t immediately convinced it couldn’t have been improved for comic effect using something like gimp. I searched for “Image Search”, thinking I could just find similar images and see if there was a slightly different original. TinEye came up near the top of the results and was the only one with an obviously useful user interface. I saved the image from my email to my local storage and used TinEye’s image upload feature to request similar images.


TinEye has a handy “Most Changed” feature that – I’m guessing – shows the image that’s least like the one you upload, but still considered a match. This link should take you to TinEye’s search results. I don’t know how long TinEye keeps search results for, so if that stops working feel free to try down/uploading the image yourself.

The top result for “Most changed” appears to have eyes, and links to a page at on which there’s an image gallery with a link to the photo showing women in burqa / niqab with eyes visible.


There you go, a demo of TinEye in action!

It wasn’t until I read this ZDNet article that I could be sure Google also offers the same functionality. You need only click on the icon that looks like an SLR camera inside the text box, duh.

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