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Bio Essence Tanaka White Skin Care Program

Bio Essence came out with a new range of products called Tanaka White Series which is to keep your skin white, firm, moisturized & cool. With modern bio-engineering techniques, the Tanaka tree bark extract has deep nourishing, hydrating and cooling properties.  Is considering the most natural and effective care for the skin.

BioessenceTanakaWhiteseriesThese are the steps for using  Bio Essence Tanaka White Series program:-

  1. Gentle Cleansing Foam – Cleanse
  2. Bright White Clarifying Softener – Softener
  3. White & Firm Double Action Essence – White & Firm
  4. Rejuvenating Whitening Day Cream – Rejuvenating (Day Use only)
  5. Renewal Night Cream – Renew (Night Use only)
  6. Skin White Perfecting Lotion SPF15 – Protect

* Skin White Perfecting Stretch Mask – Intensive Treatment (Once or twice a week)

CozyCot has Tanaka White Series details about the ingredients, the functions and the price in Singapore Dollars. You can get it in a cheaper price at!

There is a review of Tanaka White Series in VIVI’s DIARY.

This is the advertisement for Bio Essence Tanaka White Series of Linda Chung:-

Malaysian Handmade Crafts – Free For Every Order!

I did some survey in Terengganu, Malaysia for handmade crafts and discovered the riches and heritage of that Peninsular Malay State. Batik is one of the famous worldwide products to be made into clothing, sarong, beachwear, shoes, table covers, bags, purse, accessories and etc. Songket is woven with gold and silver thread which is popular among the royal families and Malay wedding clothing design. It is very expensive item indeed.

Malaysian Crafts

Back: medium handbag, tall wine/gift holder, large handbag. Front: Small gift/novelty holder, small handbag, gift holder

If you are searching products for Christmas presents, birthday gifts, valentine gifts, wedding gifts , a special gift for a special love ones, you can look for it at at Malaysian crafts category which has a variety of choice. You can just give away as it is or just can be a little bit creative for instance, just purchase a handmade box and just put some jewelery or souvenirs as a surprise gift!

Malaysian Crafts

Back:Placemat, large box. Front: Large presentation box, pencil cases, songket coaster (cup mat) set, gift box.

All the Malaysian crafts that can be seen in Lolyco are handmade products, made by hardworking women with a lifetime’s experience in a small village town. According to the manager, once they have gone, it is a bit difficult to find such experience workers. So even the workers are national treasures, not just the unique product!

From 27th March 2009 for a limited time, Lolyco will give a free Malaysian craft with every order. Which one? It depends the amount of the order! Actually, we were going to do a promotion later but just can’t wait to give you those wonderful crafts! Hurry, while stock last! Just say you saw this blog article when you place an order.

Institut Esthederm logo (Lolyco’s version)

It’s not as though I’ve got all the time in the world, and this does, at first glance appear to be a complete waste of time. But sometimes time is best wasted, like spending too much on shoes or drinks or a shirt you only wear once, throwing away time makes you feel like you’ve got it to burn!

Institut Esthederm logo (GIF)

Institut Esthederm logo (GIF)

Jess wanted some pictures with the Institut Esthederm logo in them, but the only versions I could find online were very small, so resizing them made them look horrible. She had a version on a disk too, courtesy of a trip to Esthecosme, her supplier. It was the old black-on-white version of the logo, and in an EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) file. Even though it was a huge (over 300kB!) file, it still had jagged edges!

I’d recently done a few articles about Inkscape, the drawing program, for, so I thought I’d test my new-found skills on the Institut Esthederm logo. I’m not a graphic designer, so I may not have gone about it quite right. It was easy enough, with perhaps the only tricky bit the kerning (spacing between characters) of the text. It’s very easy to change the kerning of text in Inkscape, once you know how – it’s not obvious!

Reconstructed Institut Esthederm logo, large version (PNG)

Reconstructed Institut Esthederm logo, large version (PNG)

Before you use this logo in any of your own work, please note that it isn’t Institut Esthederm’s logo, it’s Lolyco’s reconstruction of it. It does look like their logo (okay, so the first ‘I’ and the last ‘T’ in the curved INSTITUT at top are not quite rotated as much as the original), but if you really wanted to use Institut Esthederm’s logo in your own documents, we strongly recommend asking Institut Esthederm for a better, official version. I could have done that, but patience is not a virtue I possess.

If you want a resizable (to any size) version that you can use with Inkscape (so you can fix the rotation on the ‘I’ and the ‘T’!), Institut Esthederm logo, SVG format, zipped.

Institut Esthederm Starter Kits

Institut Esthederm from France  starter kits for Dry Skin, Oily Skin and Sensitive Skin are now available. The kits are ideal for people who just would like to try Esthederm products. With an advanced technology, Esthederm often upgrade their products with their latest skin care patents. Their products contain 100% active ingredients unlike other products which are only 1 to 10%  ingredients.  The ingredients slow down the  skin-ageing  process, so the products are excellent for home based use because the ingredients themselves are able to work on their own.

Esthederm starter kits

Esthederm starter kits at

For beginners to use a new product, it  is very important to understand the basic of skin water protection. For instance, a plant that is too dry or doesn’t have enough water, won’t absorb minerals or nutrients. Similar with our skin without enough water, it will become tighter, wrinkles appear, there’ll be a loss of elasticity, black spots appear and etc. Esthederm Cellular Water is the first and only replica of the skin’s water. It can carry cellular water into deeper layers of the skin.

Esthederm products are easy to use. For dry skin, you use Hydra System, for oily skin you use Pure System and for Sensitive skin you use Sensi System. You can mix and match depending on your skin condition. For example acne skin, after it clears up, you can change to Sensi system and then treat as normal skin. Besides this basic skin care, there is an intensive ‘Molecular Care’ range for emergency treatment of serious skin problem such as severe dehydration, severe acne and hyper sensitivity. Use it at night time to get optimum results.

The reason why all the Esthederm starter kit products concern about water level of the skin is that water level is fundamental to the absorption of nutrients. For more details, you can browse for more expert opinion and learn more about why it stands out from other cosmetics brand.