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New in store from Malaysia: Batik Kaftans!

These lovely handmade cotton batik long kaftans are from a recent Lolyco buying trip to Malaysia. The style is simple but the colours are vivid. See all kaftans in the Lolyco shop here.

We also have these shorter ribbon-tie kimono-style kaftans.

The suppliers also had some gorgeous kebaya in satin batik. There are a few lengths of satin batik material suitable for making your own creations.

I filled my cases with kaftans on this trip, so didn’t have room for any baju kebaya. Let me know if you’d like to see baju kebaya or baju kurung in the Lolyco store and I’ll get some on my next buying trip!

I want Queen Elizabeth’s Umbrella!

The Queen's Umbrella is a Fulton Birdcage

The Queen's Umbrella is a Fulton Birdcage

I saw a video of the UK Queen visiting Canada on the BBC News website. It was pouring with rain and very windy, but she looks so cosy inside her umbrella! A quick search tells me that the Queen’s umbrella is made by Fulton Umbrellas and the model the Queen is holding is a ‘birdcage‘. You can buy one online from their website.

Nano White Clarifying Cleansing Milk ingredients

A customer asks what the ingredients are for Nano White Clarifying Cleansing Milk. The answer is: there are a lot of them, and the type on the label is very small! Here’s a photo of the ingredients from the label on the bottle.

Nano White Clarifying Cleansing Milk ingredients

Nano White Clarifying Cleansing Milk ingredients

Lolyco Gives Away Free Gifts!

Lolyco is giving away some free gifts. There will be random free gifts for every order. Most of the free gifts are from skin care, personal care or handmade crafts. Some are totally free for every order but some of it must buy above certain amount of money. Follow Lolyco’s Twitter Feed to get the updating.

If you buy a specific brand, usually free gift will be the same brand. If the same brand free gift no longer available then Lolyco will give someting different from the website.

Esthederm Travel Body KitThe first free gift will be Esthederm Travel Body Kit. If you buy above RM500.00 sales amount, you can get this free gift. First come first serve basis, there are only a few left. Our system will let us know who is entitled to get this free gift. While stocks last. If below RM500.00 then there will be other free gift.

A convenient selection of Institut Esthederm products (Esthederm Travel Body Kit) in its own carrying case. The kit comprises:

  • Biotonic Water 50ml spray
    A continuing source of health and well-being.
  • Vitality Body Scrub 15ml
    We have Vitality Body Scrub in a larger tube.
  • Whitening Buffing Mask 15ml
    For clearer, softer skin.
  • Slimming Biolift Cream 50ml
    Apply daily to treat skin imperfections, for smoother and firmer skin.