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How to choose a condom

Durex Quality condoms

Durex Quality condoms

Sometimes Lolyco customers ask for advice in choosing a condom. Actually customers ask for advice about all sorts of things. It’s easier with skin care products – they say “I have oily /dry / combination skin” or “I want to get rid of my wrinkles / black spots”.

It’s more difficult with condoms. So far, no customer has said “I am hung like a bull / orangutan / cicak” and neither have they said “I want to last all night / feel nothing / keep the rain off my lunch”. They do occasionally ask, but there’s not much information offered on which to offer advice! It has been difficult knowing what to say, apart from “try and see”.

The Durex condoms Lolyco stock are in boxes of 12. “Try and see” can quickly become expensive, and if you try the first of 12 and find it’s not really for you, that’s 11 creative uses you have to think of for the remainder.

Lolyco has added a ‘pick and mix’ individual condom item to its catalogue. Now if you want to try a range of different Durex condoms, you can choose exactly which ones you want, and exactly how many of each kind. Just add the total number of Durex condoms you want to your shopping basket. After you’ve gone through the checkout, drop Lolyco a note to say exactly what kinds of condoms you want.

Lolyco Durex condom mix selector

Lolyco Durex condom mix selector

Example: If you want 1 Extra Safe, 3 Pleasuremax and 2 Close Fit and 2 Together, just add 8 Mixed Durex condoms to your basket. You can use the Lolyco ‘Contact Us’ form to let us know the breakdown: just write something like:

“Hi Lolyco, just placed an order for 8 Mixed Durex condoms. I want 1 x Extra Safe, 2 x Close Fit, 3 x PleasureMax and 2 x Together. TQ!”

And that’s it! Hopefully that will help anybody wondering which is the best condom for them. No need to get the ruler out any more – happy testing!

What A Touching Story!

After watching the video, I was depressed for quite sometimes, why are so many people especially children still suffering from hunger! They are not deserve to, I was wondering for how long are they going to eat those food!

Shall we say that we’ve food to eat, shelter to live on, a shoulder to cry on…..are the happiest human beings in the world?  Sometimes we better don’t demand so much! Parents not given enough care, love ones don’t give enough attention, moaning about why such people have everything and i’ve nothing!

World hunger survey Philippines rank 5th. Four in 10 Filipinos or 40 percent said they “often or sometimes” lacked food in the past year, according to Gallup International-Voice of the People 2008. Why is worsening hunger in the Philippines? View UPI, they have details for that. I got this video from