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Nano White Clarifying Cleansing Milk ingredients

A customer asks what the ingredients are for Nano White Clarifying Cleansing Milk. The answer is: there are a lot of them, and the type on the label is very small! Here’s a photo of the ingredients from the label on the bottle.

Nano White Clarifying Cleansing Milk ingredients

Nano White Clarifying Cleansing Milk ingredients

Youngest minister in German government – Philipp Rösler

Philipp Rösler, new German Health Minister, with wife Wiebke

Philipp Rösler, new German Health Minister, with wife Wiebke

Congratulations to Philipp Rösler, announced as Health minister for Angela Merkel’s new government in Germany.

Philipp was born in Vietnam and adopted as a baby by German parents. This is a picture of Philipp and his wife Wiebke taken from the article “Bei Berlin winkt Rösler ab” at (about his recent success, in German, English word salad by Google translate here). What a beautiful couple he and Wiebke are!

I don’t want to say too much about this news item. I am still in shock. How lucky the Germans are… and we got Chua Soi Lek!

Landscape photo of the year 2009

Just would like to share with you all some wonderful pictures which  I found in BBC website. There are some pictures there from the Landscape photo of the year 2009. Sometimes pictures do make me have peace of mind or imagine a fantasy world! My favourite is this one:


This is Sunrise over the Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, Scotland. It won the landscape photo of the year 2009.

The landscape of these pictures are fascinating and by looking  at the surrounding of natural environment, just amazing!

That inspires me to have a good camera so that I can capture all the fantastic memory when  I look back one day.

You can view the full pictures gallery here.

How To Pronounce Christian Lacroix

Sometimes I was wondering how to pronounce Christian Lacroix so I did some survey. In my next article there will be his news and more fashion shows. Here I’ve two people how to pronounce it. The first is an interview with an American TV presenter – see how they pronounce in this video. I don’t think that sounds quite right.

See what I mean? Does she say LER KRAW? Second video is about Christian Lacroix perfume advertisement in France. Very sentimental and elegant video in which you can hear it very clearly – more like LA KRRRRWA! I like his perfume designed, will go to have a look for my next shopping trip!

Here’s a sound file taken from the video, save it on your phone and listen, just in case you have to say it sometime!