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Malaysian Handmade Crafts – Free For Every Order!

I did some survey in Terengganu, Malaysia for handmade crafts and discovered the riches and heritage of that Peninsular Malay State. Batik is one of the famous worldwide products to be made into clothing, sarong, beachwear, shoes, table covers, bags, purse, accessories and etc. Songket is woven with gold and silver thread which is popular among the royal families and Malay wedding clothing design. It is very expensive item indeed.

Malaysian Crafts

Back: medium handbag, tall wine/gift holder, large handbag. Front: Small gift/novelty holder, small handbag, gift holder

If you are searching products for Christmas presents, birthday gifts, valentine gifts, wedding gifts , a special gift for a special love ones, you can look for it at at Malaysian crafts category which has a variety of choice. You can just give away as it is or just can be a little bit creative for instance, just purchase a handmade box and just put some jewelery or souvenirs as a surprise gift!

Malaysian Crafts

Back:Placemat, large box. Front: Large presentation box, pencil cases, songket coaster (cup mat) set, gift box.

All the Malaysian crafts that can be seen in Lolyco are handmade products, made by hardworking women with a lifetime’s experience in a small village town. According to the manager, once they have gone, it is a bit difficult to find such experience workers. So even the workers are national treasures, not just the unique product!

From 27th March 2009 for a limited time, Lolyco will give a free Malaysian craft with every order. Which one? It depends the amount of the order! Actually, we were going to do a promotion later but just can’t wait to give you those wonderful crafts! Hurry, while stock last! Just say you saw this blog article when you place an order.